Deron Durflinger, Superintendent/Secondary Principal, Van Meter Schools

Twitter: @DeronDurflinger
Skype: Deron.Durflinger
Blog: derondurflinger.blogspot
Phone: (515) 996-2221

Goal for today: How can technology help me be more effective and efficient?

Our plan for today:
  • 10-15 minutes on my philosophy on technology
    • VM video
    • It's Not About the Technology blog post
    • Competency Based Learning- role of technology
  • 5 minutes to discuss with a partner
    • What web 2.0 tools do you use regularly in your position?
    • Why do you use those tools?
  • 15 minutes of tools I use to help me:
    • Analyze Data
    • Communicate
    • Manage my Time
  • 5-10 minutes for questions/comments

_It's Not About The Technology__

  • Are teachers expected to be using technology in their instruction? If so, what kinds of technologies are teachers expected to use?
  • Why should teachers use technology in their instruction?
  • Do I, as the principal need to know how to use technology?
  • How do I evaluate the use of technology during observations or walkthroughs?
  • What are some ways technology is being used at Van Meter?

Everybody's Doing It

Data Analysis

Web 2.0 Tools for Administrators- Communication and Time Management